What is the problem?

Before we start, cuid.services is an open source / free platform for developers.
There is a conflict on ticker/name of tokens/coins while working with APIs. We are creating Unique Identifiers for cryptocurencies and storing in a Ethereum Smart Contract.
Our mission is to encourage exchanges & cryptocurrency info websites to add CUID field in their API data. Also, we provide a tool that you can search coin/token and find its CUID. We already start to define popular currencies. Send request to create CUID of a coin/token.
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Cuid.services is an open&free platform
to help developers.

Gather Together

We will attend events, conferences to spread the standard. Join US on Github

Storing in Smart Contract

We create CUID for popular coins/tokens and will store in a smart contract.

Search & Use

Search & Find your coin/token CUID. Use form to create request / Go to Github.

How do we accomplish that?

UID Registry for Cryptocurrencies
We need a standard to match with cryptocurrency while using APIs and other data communications. We are trying to create the standard and make that used by exchanges, cryptocurrency info websites. Any platform which has API with CUID standard will put our LOGO on their page. Because there is no restriction to name a new currency on the blockchain, in the future, we need a unique identifier as a standard for cryptocurrencies.

We will seek for conferences and events to spread the word, we will contact all websites and exchange to integrate CUID in their APIs, also you can request if from your API owner to use CUID. Join our community to help us grow. Do not forget to donate us ETH to accomplish our mission.

Join the Community

Join discussion on Slack, and help us to grow. Also, you can contrubite to project on GitHub.